FINALLY! The blueprint for creating a successful business that actually sells AND that teaches you how to avoid all the pitfalls that cause most entrepreneurs to lose money.

What is the Luxury Launch Pad Retreat

and why you want to be there with me?



The Luxury Launch Pad is an ALL-INCLUSIVE non-smoking retreat where 12 entrepreneurs will gather during the day to put everything in place to launch their business. The immaculate location in Orlando Florida delivers over 6K square feet of comfort so that you can connect with others or unwind on your own. Amenities include a pool, hot tub, games, running trails, and plenty of extras to stimulate the mind and body.



You can stay at the mansion or in your own hotel. It is totally up to you. For attendees staying off-site, all your on-site meals and activities are included. For the 5 lucky entrepreneurs who opt to live in your own private mansion suite your transportation, all amenities, activities, and meals are included. During the day the all-suite mansion will be buzzing with 11 other entrepreneurs focused on finding success and having fun getting there. All you have to do is show up.



Each King/Queen suite gives you the privacy you need. Whether you want some alone time, need to have a conversation, or just want to focus on homework - you will have the space to stretch out, relax, and feel pampered.



You have completed the Biz-On-Fire Blueprint and now you are ready to put it into action. The Luxury Launch Pad gets you out of the gate full speed ahead. We do everything from validate your positioning statements and differentiator; ensure your selection of your perfect client is perfect for you; mock up your website; create compelling copy that converts; implement your pricing strategy; and make sure that you are ready to close deals.



Whether you want to bowl, get in a game of hoops, go to the gym, or lounge around the pool - you can do your down time your way or engage in fun group activities including the Last Night Launch Party.

Here's what you'll learn...

in the Luxury Launch Pad - the best place to Plan, Build, and Business Launch your business.

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6

Module One – Business Design Details

We’ll dive deep into:

  • The finer points of what it means to build a successful entrepreneurial business including your positioning statement, your unique selling proposition, and your differentiator.
  • We’ll help you nail down a clear promise, your ideal client, their frustrations & why your benefits excite your target market!
  • How to align your expertise, your dream client, and the services you offer.
  • How to find, reach, and convert your prime target market members into clients.
  • Review and improve your website copy, your business offerings, your bio, and your differentiator.
  • ...and much more!

Module Two – Business Requisites

In this module we’re going to focus on the behind the scenes secrets that most people aren’t even aware of – the little things that add up to making a huge difference in how you design and run your business. We’re going to explore:
  • Negotiating your services contract (you’ve gotta watch how you structure your payments!)
  • Those special bonuses + unusual negotiating points that drive up your close rate!
  • Extra touches that will make your business offerings AWESOME and REFERRABLE!
  • Avoiding misunderstandings with an iron clad agreement that is easy to understand (a critical issue)
  • ...and much more!

Module Three – Pricing Procedures

Pricing your services correctly is - bar none - the most important and critical factor in making the kind of money you deserve from your business. You can’t afford to miss this module! My system teaches you:

  • The PROPER formula for pricing your services (so you don’t LOSE money)!
  • How to add in extras & all your expenses the correct way!
  • Creating your cancellation policy (this can save you thousands!).
  • How to figure your net so you get paid what you’re worth in the world!
  • ...and much more!

Module Four – Promotional Practicalities

Once you price your services unless you can promote and sell it – it’s dead in the water. This module will give you the tools to create a MARKETING PLAN for your business! You’ll learn:
  • What information belongs on your offerings page (to sell your services + to protect you)?
  • How to creating scintillating sales copy that inspires & sells!
  • If you should you list your pricing or have an application?
  • Sixteen ways to market your business (simply advertising won’t do it!)
  • Monetizing your business (to upsell your clients into your high-ticket programs)!
  • ...and so much more!

Module Five – Establishing Excellence

In this module we’re going to cover how to show up for your business and create a business that allows you to do what you do best. We’ll explore:
  • How to determine who to hire, when to hire them, and how much to pay (or barter)
  • The best way to leverage your strengths so you do more of what you do best and less of what you don't
  • Systems - when to get them and when not to; and how not to overwhelm your business with too much tech
  • How the right processes can ensure that things run smoothly and what to do when a process is missed

Module 6ix – The Daily 6ix

You have goals to reach and a business to grow.  Now let's figure out what you are doing everyday to reach those goals. You will discover:

  • Creating and reaching lucrative stretch goals that aren't just smart... they are smarter
  • The secret to income production in just 90 minutes per day
  • The relationship building strategy that keeps you at top of mind and your phone ringing with opportunities
  • The professional development tactic that sets your brand as the stand out for your industry
  • How to create a board of advisors to increase innovation and excel business growth

PLUS: Not To Be Missed Killer Bonuses!

You’ll Receive The 6ix Kick Ass Strategies of the Million Dollar Entrepreneur…

And I’m giving you ALL the worksheets that I’ve been using in my biz for over 20 years! Plus a list of the systems that I use to run my businesses along with discounts if you use them. As well as my Kick-Ass Copy Workshop so you can have scintillating copy that converts browsers into buyers.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • My Pricing Worksheet – you CANNOT price your business without this
  • Cancellation Policy Worksheet – priceless tool that can save you thousands!
  • Client Reconciliation Worksheet – a great tool that keeps you on top of your money
  • Client Systems – everything you need to know about your client in one place!
  • Payments Worksheet – make sure all the money due in has come in!
  • Client Planning and Delivery Calendar – a fabulous little tool for laying out your delivery services
  • Business Website Templates – to make it easy to create a great website and client landing page
  • Client Delivery Countdown Checklist – lays out exactly what you need to do and in what order before, during, and after you deliver your services

Dawnna, how are you going to deliver the six course modules?

Dawnna gives you an easy-to-follow roadmap to hone in on your expertise and target market; and a system for reaching and connecting with decision makers so you get the business YOU want.
Liz Wainger
Liz Wainger
CEO - Wainger Group

When you sign-up for Luxury Launch Pad you’ll receive:

  • FOUR FULL DAYS in a mansion with 11 other entrepreneurs putting the pieces in place to launch their business.
  • Our LIVE follow up calls to ensure that you are on track to launch.
  • Access to all live follow up calls so even you're not available you can keep up.
  • Access to our private course Facebook group, where you can share ah-ha’s, homework, resources, ideas, and revelations — AND get answers from us.
  • Live coaching calls in alternate time-zones to accommodate your schedule
  • A copy of the 6ix Kick Ass Strategies of the Million Dollar Entrepreneur
  • First access to the Goal Setter/Setter and Sales Unleashed for Entrepreneurial Pros Retreat retreats
  • And access to all our CRAZY BONUSES including:
  • Our Daily 6ix Workbook to ensure that eradicate busyness and win the day everyday.
  • Our Weekly Six Accountability and Mastermind Group so you will have a set of colleagues that help you stay on track with goals and the implementation of new ideas.
  • Our Kick-Ass Copy System - Create Copy that Compels and Converts Browsers into Buyers
  • Our “Sales and Objection” Bundle that takes you from novice to sales pro with easy-to-use tactics from a 30+ year sales pro;
  • Our Irresistible Social Media Marketing Pack that empowers you to attract customers who want to do business with you.

Let’s take a moment to review what you’re receiving in this course…

  • 4 full days and 3 nights all inclusive immersion experience to get you from plan to business launch - VALUE: $40K
  • All my worksheets for pricing, working out your cancellation policy, tracking participants’ payments, your reconciliation worksheet, the business planning calendar, and more! - VALUE: $1750
  • All my participant registration, health, and information forms that your clients are going to fill out and refer to. - VALUE: $450
  • LIVE follow up calls, access to our private course Facebook group, LIVE coaching calls in alternate time-zones to accommodate your schedule - VALUE: $2275
  • And access to all our CRAZY BONUSES from daily actions for stellar business building to irresistible Social Media Marketing - VALUE: $1250

That's a total value of $45,725!

Considering that coaching with me one-on-one to walk you through each step of building your business would be $60,000 USD for a year – the Luxury Launch Pad is giving you ALL that juicy goodness in a community format for only $3450 USD which is a total no-brainer! Want the all-inclusive experience and stay in the mansion with Dawnna and her other amazing expert coaches? Add $1550.

E-Discovery is only $45,725 $3450 USD!

I would tell myself that the feast and famine rollercoaster was a normal right-of-passage for new entrepreneurs. 5 years later I was still trekking that same passage. Something had to change. Dawnna's didn't spin BS or false promises. She said, "You will get 10x Lifetime ROI IF you do the work. And yes there is work. But we will guide you and you will have a business that supports your lifestyle." Within 3 months my plan was formed. Within 6 months my business was up and running. Within 9 months I had earned 10x Lifetime ROI!
Janicia Stone
Janicia Stone
Owner - StoneSwag Brands


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Everyone here at Biz-On-Fire is 100% committed to you building a successful business. We know our program is the best on the market and it works. That’s why we give you 30 DAYS from your date of purchase to participate in the E-Discover Program. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your tuition.

To be eligible for a refund, you must submit ALL your completed homework from the FIRST COURSE MODULE in the private Facebook group to show us that you did indeed take action within our program. We do this because we want committed, action-taking entrepreneurs in our course and in our community!

By following Dawnna's 6ix Strategies, I immediately saw a 40% increase in my business. The best part is she showed me how to do what I do best and make money doing that.
Kate Delaney
Kate Delaney
Radio Personality for ABC Radio

How do I know if this program is for ME?

This program IS for YOU if:

You have done the homework from the E-Discovery course. You have a plan. And you're ready to put that plan into action.

You're ready to go! You want to make an investment in your business. We are here to get you there.

This IS NOT for you if:

You won't have your E-Discovery homework ready. Check out E-Discovery.
You have a business that is up and running and you want to hit your goals in a massive way... then you want to join the Goal Setter and Getter Retreat.

Our Entrepreneurs have earned OVER $750 Million

...because we work with them to reach their goals from the very first idea to reaching annual growth goals. Will you be next?



Discover the real value in your expertise, who really craves it, why they want it, and how to give it to them. This is the core of all business success. Let's solidify it!



With your business foundation in place and your buyers identified, it's time to make money. Discover real life strategies to close bigger deals even if you've never sold anything.



It's easy to get lost in a to-do list and find yourself busy without getting down to business. Discover where you should be spending your time so you do more of what you do best.



Your business requires direction. That is what milestones and goals are for. You will develop SMART(er) Goals that keep your business trending towards success.



Now that you have amazingly smart(er) goals, we want to ensure that you reach them. You won't get tangled up in a never ending to-do list with you discover the Daily 6ix.



You need a team that has your back... especially as an entrepreneur. Connect with your Accountability and Mastermind Group so your strongest ideas are backed by a group of trusted colleagues.

Dawnna, I’ve got questions…

Q: Who is the program for?
This course is specifically for people who are looking to to turn their plan into a business. It’s perfect if you have completed the E-Discovery course, you have completed the homework of creating your plan, and now you are ready to put your plan into action.
If you are currently running a business that is working – then the program you want to be investing in is the Goal Setter/Goal Getter retreats. This retreat helps you grow you current business and gives you the tools and guidance to do so.
Q: I don't plan on starting my business for at least year. Can't I wait until then?

Absolutely NOT! To build a business properly and do all your planning I recommend giving yourself year out to plan do it right - especially if you don't have a current client list that you can leverage.

That way you can create a launch strategy that will guarantee you will make the kind of money you need to sustain your current lifestyle. In addition, you will give yourself enough time to work through the course and be able to learn and apply the concepts – plus have the time to do your research without feeling rushed.

Q: What if I miss one of the coaching class sessions or fall behind?

No problem! We know everyone has a busy schedule. Each of our coaching class sessions will be recorded and placed in our private site so you can review it at your leisure. Of course, you’ll get the most benefit from showing up live to get your questions answered, but the material will always be available for review afterward because the online modules have forever access. So once you join you can always go back into the course and watch the videos at any time.

PLUS you have our amazing Facebook course group. Keep in mind that this is not a course group for folks just to meet each other – it’s where you post your homework for us to comment on and help you with. This is one of the most powerful aspects of our course. I don’t know of any online course that offers our level of one-on-one interaction and we’re proud of that.

Q: It's just me. Can I build a business all on my own?

Yes you can, I’ve done it for years! However – once you learn the system I do recommend you eventually get help with the areas you truly do not enjoy doing or that you feel are not your genius. We do address this issue in the course.

Q: I want to know why this program is so special!

Simple. This is the most inclusive program for folks who are just starting out as an entrepreneur and who need all the critical basics for creating a business while they are still building their business.

Sure there are a couple of courses out there that teach how to make money, but nothing focusing specifically on entrepreneurship and an evergreen strategy that gives you all you need to start, run, build, and grow your business, or for that matter, all the forms & goodies you need to create your business (like your pricing worksheet, contracts, and the pile of done-for-you forms that we include).

After the E-Discovery class, I knew my expertise, positioning statement, unique selling proposition, target market, offering, how much they would pay, where to find them, and simple ways to reach and close them. In 8 hours I had a master's class in business building. Armed with new info, I couldn't wait to sign up for the Luxury Launch Pad. I walked in with my homework done and left with my business off the ground. Dawnna delivers a roadmap from the moment you sign up and gets you headed in the right direction fast.
Ray Bastion
Ray Bastion
Investor's Wise Guy

Hi! I'm Dawnna St Louis - and I am hooked on your success.

It all started back in 1996, when my soon-to-be business partner, Jay Allen, and I had to work on his college thesis - prove that all business has the same strand of DNA. We were basically doing a genome project from businesses.

Fortunately, I loved a challenge. It took more time than we expected to map out this strand of DNA. We would test it against small businesses and it worked, but then failed against big businesses. We'd change it up and test it against big business; It worked but then failed for non-profits. This went on for over a year when we finally struck gold... a mapping that worked for every business that we put through the system. What was even better was that it was simple, repeatable, and would even show us why businesses succeeded and why they failed. We called it the Business DNA Blueprint - BDNAB (we code named it BoyBand.)

Now we had to really test it. So - we decided to start a "temporary business" using only the elements from the BoyBand. We created a methodology that mapped to each genome of BoyBand's DNA. We decided our focus would be business intelligence since we both currently worked in that field. And our expertise would be the ability to predict the future of business using this intelligence. We mapped out the other 10 elements and went to work. Within 3 months we had inked a $4M contract with a large tech company. 12 years later our "temporary business" was worth $250M and we were ready to retire. Jay Allen and I decided to go back to school and finish our degrees.

During graduation, I had to give a speech about stepping into life. I spoke about living as a homeless teenager; lessons from my grandmother that impacted my mindset; and of course the BoyBand project. It wasn't until that moment that I realized how far I had come. I also realized that while people gave me the opportunity, I had to be willing to step up and take the opportunity... no excuses. My grandmother had a 4th grade education and ran her own business. I was homeless and yet, I ran my own business. The people in that auditorium all had higher education degrees and they would soon be experts in their field - but would they have what it takes to run their own business.

It was more than the BoyBand mapping... I realized it in that moment - there is also a mindset that entrepreneurs have that many people don't. That moment on the podium literally changed my life. I wanted to work with people with the mindset of an entrepreneur and the expertise to match to build businesses that would support the life the wanted to live.

So I started Biz-On-Fire and failed. You might be wondering how could someone with the DNA to business fail at business?
Simple - while I had the steps... I didn't have the mindset. I didn't see the value in what I offered and therefore offered it for too little, gave too much away, and resented feeling like I was being taken advantage of.

At one point I thought, “Maybe this just isn’t for me? Maybe I’m not a good marketer? Maybe I don’t have enough time? Maybe I’m just not enough.”

But I was deeply passionate about people's success and never gave up and so I learned the hard way. I systematically broke down exactly what was worth investing time in and where to focus. I worked out who my perfect target market was, why they valued my expertise, what their frustrations were, and who to let in the doors and who to turn away. I also figured out how to do what I love in a way that I love to do it and in a way that my clients love to get it.

As a result, I have coached hundred of new entrepreneurs and business owners who have earned over $750M dollars. T

Now you’re here reading this as an aspiring successful business owner and you know you’re not meant to do work for someone else. You don't want to take a job, you want to create them, and do that successfully... right? And you’re probably very clear on where you are and where you want to be, but you just don’t know the best way to get there.

Well, that’s why we created Biz-On-Fire. It makes the process of building a business so much simpler and easier especially when you know the proper keys to planning, starting, building, and growing a successful business.

In our course, we’ll explain how you can avoid the most common mistakes new business owners make – and this applies to both newbie owners and highly experienced ones – and of course ALL the solutions to fixing these. I hope you join us!



A busy schedule can't stop you from pursuing your dreams. In 2 hours per week for 4 weeks, with convenient replays available, you will discover exactly what it takes to become an entrepreneur, how to get there, and why the business success blueprint works.



While some virtual workshops try to get in hundreds of attendees...we don't. Our smaller classes mean that when you have a question it gets answered. Dawnna and her team will respond either live online, in a chat, or through email. Our goal is your success.



There is nothing more frustrating than when your virtual learning environment is impacted by someone else's zombie apocalypse. That is why we create a fun learning environment free of distractions like crying dogs, snoring babies, or pesky zombies.



We know that follow-up on new concepts is critical. That's why we included several bonuses like: Bring a colleague for half price; get one free retake of the virtual academy; watch replays of that days content within 24 hours; get discounts on next level training.