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Don't waste any more time. You deserve financial freedom from corporate colonization! At the High-Profit Zone 3-Day Weekend Retreat you will discover how to position yourself as a premium-priced sought-after expert so you can make more money and higher profits rocking stages, coaching clients, and delivering your expertise.


Sales isn't a dirty word... and you don't have to feel icky asking for the deal. At the Bentley Sales Method 3-Day Weekend Retreat you will discover the secret to the deal-closing EduSale, how to naturally and comfortably close more deals, how to use your proposal to up-sell and practice role-plays that turn a cold call into a warm conversation.


There is but one goal to reach... YOUR NEXT MILLION. The Million$$ Goal Getter 3-Day Retreat is focused on making unimaginable goals... reachable. We ditch the vision boards for tangible plans and realistic timetables. We know that a Million$$ Goal isn't just possible... it's probable. And in three days we put in place the milestones and actionable steps to get there. You in?


When you attend a mastermind in a Million$$Mansion you think bigger, act bolder, and eradicate obstacles so you can move forward faster. Entrepreneurs are hand-selected and invited to attend this mastermind based on their participation in previous retreats, business growth, industry knowledge, and Zone of Genius. When the right people are in the room you want to have a seat at the table. Want a seat? Apply for an invitation.

Hi! My name is Dawnna St Louis and I help people, just like you, find financial freedom from corporate colonization. I am the catalyst of Money Making Millionaires who builds successful colleagues; not just a list of clients.

And while that might seem like a bold claim, I am a bold person who takes bold action, and backs up every word with a rock-solid reputation.

My former clients (now colleagues) have delivered keynote speeches to thousands around the world; they have written for the NY Times, Wallstreet Journal, and major periodicals; and they have invented tech that you are likely using right now! Will you be next?

Because I am a little different, I do things a little differently.

Most people put on events in hotels and use slick advertising try to convince thousands of people to attend. Then they waterboard you with information that you struggle to put together when you go home. I call that overwhelm to upsell and it's bullsh*t.

I create an experience for about 25 people at a MultiMillion Dollar Mansion Retreat over a 3-Day Weekend that immerses you into the mindset of a millionaire and drives you to take action from the moment you arrive. By the time you leave, you have already gotten results and are well on your way to your goals.

I don't do what everyone else does, but I get the results that everyone else can't.

Ready to step into your Perfect Profit Zone?

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